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Fly, By Night. (A Still Life)
tempting the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing
I want to kill people.

Failing that, I want to run outside with a megaphone and inform people of my wish to kill them (thereby giving them a sporting chance).

Failing that, I will settle for typing mysterious journal entries describing my wish to kill people.

This, as you may have gathered, is one of those entries.


I was going to give a review of sorts for POA here. I'm suddenly disinclined to acquiesce to your request do so. Meh. Tomorrow, perhaps.

We had a hypnotist from Las Vegas do a presentation at school today. I highly recommend checking out the website. Interesting person.

I don't seem to have very much to say.


I've gone back to the piano again. I can play most of "100 Years" by Five for Fighting, and some of "Brick" and "Army" and "Lullabye" by Ben Folds, and part of "Clocks" by Coldplay, and some Enya. I feel overly accomplished.

Today's number is 8. The 8 on my hand is an hourglass. I feel inordinately proud.

I feel as though I should be saying something about a TV show or a movie or some other form of mass-opiate, but I don't particularly want to, so I suppose I won't.

I think I'm at one of my lower stages of depression again. I wonder how that happened. I'm not entirely sure. I don't seem to be terribly concerned about it, but it worries me in a vague sort of way.

I seem to be overusing adverbs and adjectives and the words 'feel', 'think', and 'seem'. Hmm.

Back to Marc Savard: I think (!) that I feel (!!) roughly the same way about him as I do about David Blaine. Except it's different, because Blaine is a very cool street magician who does card tricks and levitates, but Savard hypnotises people which is something very close to frightening. (That's assuming not all the people onstage were faking it. Some people will tell you I myself was hypnotised. This is not true. These people do not know what they are talking about. I am not defensive or in denial. Shut up.) From that viewpoint, they're not all that similar at all. But they're both sort of supernatural. I <3 the supernatural. Except for when it claims to be capable of controlling your mind and actions, and then I don't so much <3 the supernatural.

Most of my relationships are the love-hate kind. Funny, that.

I'm going to have to take three final exams when the time comes. One will be Spanish: easy. Very easy. Muy easy. No stress at all. The other two are chem and sciences humaines, and they make up for the relative simplicity of the Spanish final. Stress stress stress. Watch the stress level rise.

Re: email address: I tried 'runrummer'. It's taken. Yahell hates me. Boo. Hoo.

If I have nothing to say, I mgiht as well not say it, hmm? Logic? Logic. Sense? Sense. Following through on it?



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Well. I was going to post something worthwhile, about how life is going pretty well and I did get to see POA and today's number is 8 and I'm in a good mood and the last band concert is over and done with and despite multiple goings-wrong there are a few decent goings-right that just about make up for them and yay for the moderately happy Kalio.

And then I read a comment that made me go, oh. It reminded me of something I've been waiting for for months and months and months only to forget it on the day of its arrival if arrival is in fact the right word to use there and even if it isn't because I am so far beyond caring that I would have to use a telescope. It made me go, oh, and then it made me go, oh FUCK, and then it made me stare blankly at infinitesimally small specks of nothingness and steep in my own despair.

Sidenote: I will give my soul, my spirit, my mind, and my kingdom to the person who can provide me with a copy of yesterday's Tony awards.

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Holy shit.

Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Thank you.


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Possibilities for new email address:

- epittome
- runrummer (like 'rumrunner' only said while drunk)
- savvyor (like 'savior' only Captain Jack)
- indeppittably
- [something unobsessive???]


I've been grounded from the internet chez moi since Friday, due to my mother's incapacity to handle logic. It's not that it's a long story, just that it's a dumb story, and not terribly important. I will most likely be ungrounded from the internet this afternoon. Huzzah.

The mini!brother wanted to watch POTC again yesterday. I watched the last 30 minutes or so with him. Weird. Very weird to watch it now. All the best lines carry a sense of déjà vu, because I've quoted them and had them quoted at me so many times since actually watching the movie (or perhaps more accurately, since watching the movie without reciting the script along with the characters). "Stop blowing holes in my ship!" Oy vey.

There's also the matter of the songvids. Captain Jack carresses his, erm, ship wheel? Songvid flashback. Jack and Elizabeth cavort drunkenly on the beach? Songvid flashback. Jack and James in the rowboat? Jack falling off the cliff? The Jack/Will swordfight? Flashback, flashback, flashback. (Jack getting stabbed by Barbossa? So sexy it hurts...)


Quizzes. Lots. Some actually interesting.Collapse )

Think that's it for now. (Aren't you glad?)


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MSN article of the day:

Slash Your Grocery Bills: 20 Ways
Hint: Try the top and bottom shelves.

Tell me that isn't funny. I can't guarantee I'll believe you, but tell me that is not funny.


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Stolen from theanomaly:

kalio_plaid has fragile contents which may break!


From Go-Quiz.com

That may be the most appropriate quiz result I've ever had.

Someone Like You is playing on CTV tonight. I shall tape. The newspaper article on my wall tells me the movie is bland, Hugh's hair is bland, and the female lead isn't funny. The commercial has Hugh in his office with a suspicious mark on his neck, the female lead asking him what it is, and him replying, "I bit myself shaving." I think I'll draw my own conclusions, newspaper articles notwithstanding. (Not to mention: accent.)

I post weird poetic stuff no one understands

why is YOUR livejournal annoying?
brought to you by Quizilla

That may be the second most appropriate quiz result I've ever had.

You think you suck. You don't really have much self
esteem, but I guess you knew that already.

seriously, who do you think you are?
brought to you by Quizilla

And that may be ... right.


For the last few ... months, actually ... I've been noticing something on CTV, but I keep forgetting to mention it. During American Idol, when they break for commercials and the camera whooshes around pictures of the judges and Ryan, and the disembodied voice says "Canada's watching American Idol on CTV!" The first picture they show is of the three judges. And then another one of the three judges (right?) and then one of Ryan looking thoughtful in a 'hmmm' pose, and then another one of the judges except now Simon's mouth is taped shut.

Hmm, says Kalio, and very carefully does not even suggest subliminal slash.

My little brother has a paper route. He will now be making MONEY. He will now have more MONEY than I have. I will now be extremely jealous of my brother and his MONEY. MONEY, as you might see, is something of importance to me.

Spanish class. My joy is uncontainable. If that's a word. *does the Brad Pitt thing* No, apparently not. I can't seem to find any real word that would be the equivalent. Oh well. If anyone has a suggestion, by all means share it.


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I am on a mission to figure out a new and interesting and creative-obsessive email address by the end of this weekend, because really_bad_egg@yahoo.ca is officially full (meaning if you try sending me anything there all you'll get is an annoying message back telling you I couldn't read your email because I'm a lazy moron who can't be bothered to delete things or get a new freaking email address).

I think I'm in Very Deep Like with Ben Folds' "Zak and Sara". But then, not so very long ago I was in the same state regarding his "Ascent of Stan". And before that, "Army". I think I'll just stick with being in Very Deep Like with Ben Folds. Okay? Okay.

Fantasia is the new American Idol, and I am happy.

I missed the West Wing finale, and I am unhappy.

I've finished watching last week's Joan of Arcadia, and I am somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the between shocked and disturbed. I never expected anything like that from that show. Never. If asked to pick the show least likely to startle me with sudden and intense bizarreness, that would have been it. (Is bizarreness a word? Ask Brad. He'll look it up.)

Speaking of Joan of Arcadia, I've got a new face in mind to add to my Temple of Reluctant Gods. His name is Kris Lemche, but you can call him God. (Or Cute Boy. Both are in the credits.) He has fascinating hair and stunning eyes, and he wears a mean brown corduroy jacket.

I like that my computer talks to me. I like how when I cancel a download, Ichabod Crane says ominously, "We are dealing ... with a madman." I like how when I finish burning a CD, Gilbert Grape sings, "Match in a gas tank ... boom boom!" And how the first thing I hear upon logging in is "Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death?" And the last thing I hear upon logging out is "The most important part of the story ... the ending." I like my computer's personality. (Yes, I amuse myself by programming inanimate objects to talk to me. In Johnny Depp's voice. This is not strange.)

Another thing I like: writing. When I can actually write. This happened yesterday. I've had a plot skittering around my head like a squirrel on speed - that is to say, especially hyper yet maintaining its natural wariness - for the last couple of weeks. Before that it was more of a shady presence, but the idea itself has been there for quite some time. I've tried writing bits of it, but no luck - until yesterday, when I sat down, opened up Wordpad, and typed manically. Looking at the result, I think a)the story has a mind of its own (but isn't that true of all of them, really?) and b)I've been reading a lot of Neil Gaiman recently. My writing has a certain residue of eau d'auteur British.

(Maybe that's arrogant, considering my tendency to idolise various British writers. I didn't intend it to be arrogant. My apologies if it came out that way.)

Speaking of Gaiman, I've just finished reading Neverwhere. Richard Mayhew is interestingly offDent. As in, offwhite - meaning 'almost but not entirely unlike Dent'. Or something. No, I just wanted an excuse to use that. My point is, he's a lot like Arthur in certain ways but with enough of a difference to be new and interesting and I like him very much.

Halle Berry was on the Ellen show today promoting Catwoman. It seems there will be as many guys lining up to see Catwoman as there have been girls to see Troy. (Not that I begrudge you guys your opportunity to drool, mind you.)

Must be off now. It's ten to 10:00 and enraging the Parents would not fit terribly well with my reduce-the-sentence plots.


mostly random stuff
was any of it worthwhile?
I'll let you decide

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Quizzes and Thoughts On the Results. Cut because I felt like it. Meh.Collapse )


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I just had a thought. Um. Does ff.n have a Troy section yet?

Yes. Yes, they do. And it has ... three fics. Oh, god. I'm afraid to look.

And yet I look anyway.

There are actually seven. I suppose they multiplty like bunnies before the server has a chance to register there are more. Or perhaps sprouting like mushrooms would be a better analogy. *pause* Really, really bad mushrooms.

We have:
3 Achilles/Briseis
1 mini!Hector and mini!Paris ("It's about what brothers will do for one another. Don't worry, it isn't too serious. And, yes, I made Paris seven on purpose. (no slash, or profanity, or anything else icky)")

Oh, Christ. Three Mary Sues. Already. Three.

There's a "Paris and Helen had a child and the child was destined to save Paris' city. Chapter 2 is up! R&R please."

And there's a "Hectors child and that of Achilles have lived peaceful unbeknowst of each other...what happens when they meet? I suck at summaried please givei t a chance!"

And, my personal favourite, the "Adriana Christian, a teenage rebel, finds herself in Ancient Troy during the Trojan War. She meets up with Paris, Helen, and Hector, but they don’t trust her for she’s an outsider. Can she help with the battles they all face and will they end up helping"

That last one, just because the summary isn't enough, is by "Jack-Sparrow-Lover". And in case there was any doubt, it starts with Adriana being an eighteen-year-old in the modern world - and mad about a particular movie. Guess which movie? C'mon, folks, bet you'll never get it.

Troy, you say?

Well, golly. You're right.

What's worse? When we were watching the movie, even with certain distraction provided by certain actors, I had time to think at one point, Crap. There's a Mary Sue opening there.

This is its fourth day open, and it already has published Mary Sues. I probably shouldn't be surprised.

Life at Ye Olde Pit of Voles.


No. No, I did not just think Pit with an extra T. I'm not at that stage yet. I can't possibly be that far down the fangirl road already. No.

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Kalio posts a tempting cut-link which turns out to be highly anticlimactic, as it does not contain spoilers and squeeings about Troy (well, hardly any) but is in fact about Teh Brad, Teh Whole Brad, and Nothing But Teh Brad (so help her god).

The truth...Collapse )

And if you get the chance to see Troy, you most definitely should.


P.S. Who'm I kidding? MAKE the chance.

P.P.S. Ha. I put more effort into that little essay than I do into most school essays. There you go, Brad, you're even more important to me than comparing and contrasting the policies of Laurier and King. That's real devotion.

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I am not ashamed of taking odd-to-boring quizzes online. I display my lack of shame by refraining from putting all this in an lj-cut. (Also displaying my lack of regard for those of you who don't want to slog through pointless quizzes on the off-chance there's something worthwhile buried in there somewhere.)

Grrr arrr Rum and Monkey.

Are you damned?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Dear god, it's Frank! Only, a goat. Um. But still - Frank! (Note: if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you need to see Donnie Darko.)

Okay, that's enough.


I spent $15.00 or so taking Mom to see Ella Enchanted yesterday. We got along well for once, huzzah. Only bad thing was something neither of us could have forseen, and entirely out of our control: the movie sucked.

We both liked the book. We both made the mistake of assuming that when they said, Based on the book by Gail Carson Levine! they were talking about the same book we were, and that they did not in fact mean Really, really, really loose modern-day interpretation of the book by Gail Carson Levine!

It was bad. It was just bad. The only redeeming qualities for me were that a) I recognised Eric Idle as the narrator (squeeeePython!Brit!squeeee), b) I recognised Cary Elwes as the evil Edgar (squeeeWesley!RobinHood!squeeeeee), and c) Parminder Nagra was Areida (squeeeJessminder!)

If you've read the book and haven't seen the movie and are looking at the above paragraph saying, "Uh, I don't remember an Edgar..." that's because there was no Edgar. In the book, that is.

What they did, see, is they wrote a basic plot summary of the book. Then they cut it up into disjointed little strips of paper with things that didn't necessarily make sense (things like "Ella is a girl" but also things like "elf. Then everybody). Then they took the basic plot summaries of two or three Disney movies, most notably The Lion King, and cut those up in a slightly more sensible fashion (most little strips of paper made sense this time). Then they took a big piece of paper and glued the whole mess together almost completely haphazardly, and produced the thing.

God, it's horrid.

Last redeeming factor: the prince looked like a hobbit. Which made me giggle. And he wore leather pants in one scene. Ha. (The fact that even this did not make up for the general ugliness of the rest of the movie says a great deal.)


I still haven't seen Van Helsing, but thanks to sticckler I went out on Friday and bought a copy of the Province, so I now have much Hugh! goodness to tack to my wall. I love my wall. I love my room. I love Hugh. I am a very loving person.

...When it comes to my wall and my room and my Hugh.

On that topic, Hugh is OMGSQUEEEEEEEEE really very good on talk shows. Hugh was OMGSQUEEEEEEEEE really very good on the Ellen show. I will undoubtedly elaborate on this point once I've shown Ang the tape of said show - which I idiotically forgot to bring today, of course. (Sorry.)


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So many of my updates going back to ... god knows when ... are of the OMGSQUEE! variety. It occurs to me (finally! you all say gratefully) that not all of you want to read entry after entry of drivel about pirates and Johnny and Ewan and Hugh and Jason and blah blah blah RUM blah.

So I'm going back to making an effort. I figure, certain others have been making an effort at changing their ways lately; I suppose now is as good a time as any for me to do something of the same.

Who am I kidding? Now's a lousy time. Now's a positively stupid time. Van Helsing came out today. I haven't seen it, but I'm in an intensified state of HUGHJACKMAN!fangirl-ness, and between that and other things, now is not an ideal time for me to reduce the level of my fanatical blatherings.

Screw that. I'm doing it anyway.

Today was, despite school ending early, a paradoxically long day. And no, I don't give a damn that 'paradoxically' might not be a word. It suits my present needs.

Ang is still sick (get better! rum and hugs and a monkey! blah blah) and missed school again today, so things were still quieter than they might have been. I'm feeling oddly worn out by the general air de soap opera permeating the area where we all hang out at lunch. There's more I could say on that, but given my current state of mind I'd probably end by ranting bitterly about a lot of different things (and not all of them important) so how about I don't let myself get started on that?

Tomorrow's the Dixieland festival, whoopee, and we're playing at 5:00 PM. I'm not terribly excited about it, which is a little strange, but then I'm not terribly nervous about it either, and that's a welcome change from the norm.

theanomaly leaves tomorrow morning. I shall miss him. And in five or six hours, I will be getting up to see him off. So I suppose I should go to bed now.


P.S. Oh, look. Mom is upset with me again. If I can get through one day without failing to meet her standards, I will dance jubilantly and sing a song of joy and other such things. This is a promise. And I am now off to bed, before things get entirely out of hand.

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We now have - *brass fanfare* - a TITLE for the summer of 2005 POTC sequel.

I give you ... Pirates of the Caribbean: Treasures of the Lost Abyss.

(Raise your hand if you already knew this. I will not deny being a little bit slow on the uptake. I do not claim to be the first to be enlightened; I only bring this up to share my thoughts on it with you, my dearly beloved unsupecting public and innocent bystanders.)

My first thoughts, in relatively accurate order, upon discovering this tidbit:

1. Eee! A TITLE!
2. Wonder who else knows?

Treasures of the Lost Abyss... It's an innuendo. It sounds like porn, for Lucifer's sake. It's an innuendo RIGHT THERE in the TITLE.

Sorry. I will stop blathering now. I will retire to my small cave of OMGSQUEE to gather together what scraps of my shredded dignity remain, and will no more assail you with...


Oh, forget it. My point is, it's a lovely title. My point is, I'm all excited about the movie again. My unintentional point is, it doesn't take all that much, really, to get me all excited about the movie again.

I believe all three points have been made. My job here is done.


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...but not being made private, because for all I know some of you actually care about this type of research.

Jason Priestley

[From aritzia: What happened on your Jason Priestley sighting? I am dyin' to know!]
Okay, here's the 411. He looked cute, but he smokes like a chimney and he had a few glasses of wine. I saw him at an Italian restaurant here in L.A. called Pane Vino. He was chatting it up with his friends at the table and on his cell phone. He was in a blue Armani shirt, which brought out the color of his eyes, but he just carries himself like he thinks he's cool--which doesn't suit him well, let me tell you.

- E! Online - Wanda Live - Week of Aug. 31, 1998

Interview excerptsCollapse )

About Tru CallingCollapse )

Priestley's birthday: August 28, 1969 (1963, according to one website, but all others ... summer of '69)


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I forgot to watch the Ellen show yesterday, which I was going to do because Bill Cosby was going to be there. However, I most certainly will not forget to watch it Friday, because there will be HUGH JACKMAN.

Also along the lines of thou shalt not forget to tape this is this Sunday's new King of the Hill episode. It features a fitness guru. He happens to have the voice of Johnny Depp. Need I explain further?


Lately I've been amazed to find links between a lot of people I would not have expected to find connected in any way, shape, or form.

For example:

- the thirteenth episode of 21 Jump Street had Johnny's character, officer Tom Hanson, go undercover with a group of punk rockers. One of them, by the name of Tober, was played by none other than Jason Priestley.

- the episode of American Idol where JPL left? Among the actors in the audience (I don't know if he was pointed out by Ryan or not - do you still have that on tape, Ang?) was, again, Jason Priestley.

- one of the coproducers for Blow was Denis Leary.

- Denis Leary was also the voice of Francis, the very masculine (!) ladybug in A Bug's Life.

- Joe Pantoliano was Cypher in The Matrix. Okay, yes, I should have known that. But I didn't. Sue me.

- the movie Eye of the Beholder, which stars Ewan McGregor and was therefore on my to-watch list already, also has ... you guessed it ... Jason Priestley.

- Elijah Wood was the kid in Flipper, which I haven't watched since I too was a little kid, but I do recall having something of a crush on him at the time. (So there - I fangirled Elijah in his preFrodo years.)

- The young Sandra Bloom in Big Fish is Alison Lohman - also known as Matchstick Men's Angela.

- DAVID HYDE PIERCE. Is absolutely everywhere. Frasier's brother: David Hyde Pierce. Peter MacMannus in Down With Love: David Hyde Pierce. But what I didn't know... Slim (the stick bug) in A Bug's Life? Drix in Osmosis Jones? Doctor Doppler in Treasure Planet?!? All DHP.

- Not to mention there's a creature in Hellboy, Abe Sapien, whose voice is apparently ... David Hyde Pierce.

I feel somewhat paranoid now.


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Now that certain other people have seen it... I bring you - cut because it contains spoilers and incoherent babbling - the Tru Calling season finale.Collapse )

I think I'll have to watch it again, you know.


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McDowell. THE McDowell. McDowell, Obi-Wan McDowell, font of knowledge, deity of writing, and (praise the gods) my writing teacher.

McDowell. Just praised my poetry to the skies. Says my sense of meter is fantastic and the depth of the darkness is phenomenal. He loves it.

McDowell. Loves my poetry.

My poetry.


I can die happy.

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I would like to say now, for all the doubters out there: James Marsters with his head shaved? Not so bad. Not so bad at all.

What's more, James Marsters dropping innuendo in every comment he makes to Ryan? Not bad either.

And does anyone remember NewsRadio? Joe Rogan, AKA Garelli, was also on yesterday's On-Air. (And also flirting with Ryan. I am not making this up.)

And, while I'm on the topic, nobody mentioned Jason Priestley was going to be On-Air last Wednesday. Which irks me, because as we all know, Kalio loves Jack.

Harper. Jack Harper. From Tru Calling. Ahem.

will you do the fandango?
(Today's subtheme: Fun With Mock-Religion!)

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Today is the 18th anniversary of Chernobyl.

I have no more to say.

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